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Some common Q's and A's

please contact me by email ( or text (07838153552) if you have any other queries.


These classes and courses are conducted online via zoom in real time - they are not recordings and so attendance must be at the class/course time.  It is important you check your system is capable of providing you with adequate internet speed, band width and that your device operating system is compatible with the zoom platform.  The classes and course are real classes - things can go wrong just as in real physical classes but it also means I can see you and make adjustments just as I would in a physical class - it's a very different experience to watching a youtube video!

To see if it is for you I recommend you join one of the free sessions as described above - have a mat ready if you want to do some yoga or comfortable seating (chair or cushion) if you are interested in the meditation - what is there to lose?


The yoga classes are designed for absolute beginners of Yoga or those that have had just a couple but will also suit the more regular practicing yogi.

In terms of fitness levels etc the course is for anyone, any age and any fitness level although not suitable for those needing chair yoga - this is something I may introduced at a later date.  You must be responsible for your own safety and ensure you are fit to take part - this is your own responsibility and, if in doubt, you should check with your doctor.  It is important that you tell me of any physical issues you may have including heart conditions, pregnancy and any other medical condition - I may have to arrange alternative steps within the classes to cater for any medical needs.  Yoga is an individual journey and each person will have differing levels of flexibility and strength etc - and even the same person can be far more flexible one week than the next - Yoga is NOT about forming a perfect shape with our bodies - it is about the body AND the mind and no one should be looking at anyone else or comparing - it that is what they are doing they are missing point!

The meditation/mindfulness classes are suitable for anyone - the only possible exception is those who have bi-polar disorder or other mental health issues that include, or have the potential to trigger, psychotic episodes - if this applies to you please check with your doctor first.


The 6 week meditation/mindfulness course is an introduction to meditation which aims to give attendees the chance to learn about some different forms of meditation and to practise meditation and mindfulness techniques - the course should open doors for the attendee and allow them to then develop their practise with or without the need to attend further classes - that said, it is always a different experience to meditate alone compared with doing it in the company of others and with a facilitator offering guided meditations and structure etc.

The 6 weeks will be as follows:

Week 1: Brief introduction and first simple mindfulness meditations

Week 2: More extensive mindfulness meditations

Week 3: Introduction to 'Buddhist style' meditation

Week 4: More extensive 'Buddhist style' meditation

Week 5: Introduction to Yoga Nidra (lying down!)

Week 6: Full Yoga Nidra meditation and closing session


Yoga does involve some physical activity and so it is recommended your wear loose and comfortable clothing like you might wear to a gym.  Having said that many people wear more clothes (and even blankets) for the final relaxation to ensure they feel warm enough.

It is worth having some water with you as it is important to keep hydrated during the sessions.

Importantly, yoga is performed bare foot to ensure we really "feel" the ground beneath us - for health and safety reasons (the potential to slip etc) student wearing normal socks will not be allowed to participate until they take them off - specialist Yoga socks are accepted for those wishing to wear them.

You will need an exercise mat (thin is best for yoga) and the necessary device to access the zoom classroom.

For meditation classes you should dress as above (be sure to be warm) and use a char or cushion for seated meditation and an exercise mat or other soft surface for lying meditation - a quiet environment is best with soft lighting.


ANY and ALL health concerns should be discussed with the teacher - students should also consult with their doctor to ensure the activity they are engaging in is OK for them.  It is the students responsibility to ensure they can undertake the activities and the teacher expects them to take account of the following two mantras:

The student knows their own ability and will not attempt anything beyond their ability or which will cause them harm.

If it hurts - STOP DOING IT! - a little muscular tension is to be expected but any real pain is a clear indication things are not OK and the student undertakes to stop that activity immediately and to inform the teacher.  An activity should be stopped safely and immediately if there is ANY joint pain.