I am a qualified and registered hypnotherapist and have a special interest in anxiety issues along with OCD, PTSD and phobias.  I also provide therapy for many other situations/conditions and it is always worth asking if your particular problem/issue/condition is not mentioned on these pages - most, if not all, psychologically based problems can be helped with hypnotherapy, mindfulness or coaching while nutritional therapy can help with a large number of physical problems as well as weight issues and, as an aside, even self esteem and confidence.

My qualifications and professional body memberships are given below.

I am 58 years old and have been divorced and re-married.  With 4 children (2 from each marriage) and 6 grandchildren I feel I have plenty of life's experiences that give me some insight into others problem times - my life has not been without its own painful and stressful times.  I was a smoker for nearly 30 years and have good insight into the difficulties of giving up smoking (as I prefer to say - becoming a non-smoker) and also developed a keen interest in diet and nutrition as I sought to maintain a level of physical fitness as I have grown older.

Having also worked as a support worker for young, unattended asylum seekers I also have insight into loss - many of these people have suffered deep losses with PTSD and chronic anxiety disorders being common.  Additionally, I like to think I have few prejudices (anyone who thinks they have no prejudice is fooling themselves :) ) but am constantly checking myself in this regard.  For example I have plenty of experience relating to people of all sorts - from hospital consultants to homeless people, from people with learning difficulties to university lecturers and from gay people to Muslims to people from Somalia, Syria or Ethiopia.  I am comfortable in many situations.

I am happy to declare I have had substantial therapy myself over many years (any good therapy training will insist on self therapy) and I believe this (along with my advancing years!) gives me solid understanding of most psychological difficulties and also how to maximize ones happiness ethically.

I will also note that my on diet is a vegan one - there is a separate page under extras for more information on veganism if you are interested - I do not push the issue and will say no more about it other than in that specific page.  Within my nutritional therapy process I do not impose a vegan diet on clients although I do encourage reducing meat and dairy intake and increasing fruit and vegetable intake for health reasons.

I hope that gives a brief outline of who I am and look forward to hearing from you should you have any questions or would like to book some therapy.


Certificate in Hypnotherapy and Counselling Skills (Cert HYP. C.S.) 2017
Member of The Hypnotherapy Society (itself accredited by the Professional Standards Authority) - MHS
Professional Diploma of The Health Sciences Academy - Nutritional Therapist 2018

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